Phuket Stevia Sweetener Tablets

At the Bangtao Beach Bar & Café on Phuket we offer guests and locals to use in-house our very own imported Vegan, herbal and natural sugar replacement Stevia sweetener tablets for their sit in or takeaway hot or iced tea or coffee.

Our Stevia tablets are non-artificial sugar free stevia sweeteners with zero calories, glucose, dextrose, sucralose, lactose (milk) or salt (sodium) per serving. They are also not 5%, 10% or 25% of Stevia extract but 98% pure premium Stevia extract, which is the highest quality you can buy.

About our Phuket Stevia sweetener tablets

  • 98% pure non-GMO stevia (98% Reb-A) premium and non-bitter Stevia extract.
  • No salt (sodium) ✓ No milk (lactose) ✓ Vegan friendly ✓ Zero carbs ✓ Calorie free ✓ Gluten free ✓ non-GMO ✓ non artificial ✓
  • Natural sweetener from the stevia plant
  • Non artificial, non chemical sweetener.
  • Also free from: Saccharin, dextrose, sucralose and aspartame.
  • Unlike artificial sweeteners and sugar, using stevia pills can suppress your plasma / blood glucose levels and significantly increase glucose tolerance.
  • Each Stevia sweetener mini pill is not 5%, 10% or 25% of Stevia, but 98% pure & herbal Stevia extract.
  • Safe for: Diabetics, Vegans, Keto / Dieters, Oedema / Water retention and general health.

If you are on holiday or simply living around the Bangtao, Laguna or Chergntalay area of Phuket why not pop in a try one of our hot teas or coffees, which are both hand picked by farmers in the north of Thailand, or one of our healthy Water Kefir based smoothies or iced teas or coffees.

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