About The Bangtao Beach Bar And Cafe

Our Bangtao Beach bar & café, also known as ‘La QingTing Phuket’, is located by the beach in-between Bangtao Village, Cherngtalay, Surin beach and Laguna beach on the island of Phuket

Although we are a small venue we offer a big café, pub and restaurant style atmosphere, all mixed with great chillout and acoustic sounds, local Asian curry and noodle food & snacks menu, mocktails, only Thailand grown Phuket wine, cool zero alcohol beers, and from our Phuket coffee shop a selection of great tasting local Thai grown coffee and loose tea (Not tea bags), which are both hand picked in the north of Thailand, and by farmers who only uses a deforestation friendly concept to halt biodiversity and ecosystems loss. We offer no imported beverages or food.

Healthy Phuket Water Kefir & Smoothie Beverages

We pride ourselves on our healthy ice coffee and Phuket teahouse iced tea made with our very own hand crafted Phuket Water Kefir, and our Phuket smoothies and juices made with probiotic Water Kefir and an assortment of healthy ingredients. All Water Kefir based beverages offer a healthy pro-biotic immunity boost to supress all colds, flu, headaches and even viruses, and in-turn contributes to a heathy life! See our main menu page for full details.

Phuket Organic & Regular Fruit & Veg Powders

We offer for sale to both tourists, local businesses, expats and locals a selection of organic and regular freeze dried and spray dried fruit, herb and vegetable powders.

La QingTing Red & White Wines

We offer for sale to both tourists, local businesses, expats and locals a selection of our own branded non-alcoholic and regular red and white local wines. Our wine is also grown and produced by farmers and wineries based in Thailand.

Phuket Stevia Sweetener Tablets

Lastly, we import and offer to guests to use in-house, and also sell to Phuket expats and locals our very own imported vegan, herbal and natural sugar replacement Phuket Stevia sweetener tablets.

Our Stevia tablets have zero calories, glucose, dextrose, sucralose, lactose (milk) or salt (sodium) per serving, and also the tablets have not 5%, 10% or 25% of Stevia extract but 98% pure premium Stevia extract, which is the highest quality you can buy.

Other Bangtao & Phuket Island Services

Besides the normal great healthy food, beverages and ‘service with a smile’ we also offer guests an array of other services from free high speed Wi-fi, a business centre, Cigars & Cigar Humidifier and tour desk where you can book all your Phuket activities and sightseeing tours and motor bike or car rentals.

From our website guests can also book any Phuket tours, view and book a selection of over 700 Phuket accommodations and also be able to book flights to or from Phuket.

Bangtao Area Properties For Sale Or Resale

We also offer a select few properties for sale or resale by local owners in the area around Bangtao, like Naithon, Layan, Cherngtalay, Surin beach and Laguna beach.

At the moment we have many studio, one bed and 2 bedroom apartments / flats for freehold / leasehold sale and resale mostly in the Surin beach & Cherngtalay area of Phuket island.

La QingTing Apartments / Flasts for sale in Cherngtalay, Bangtao, Surin Phuket La QingTing Property Sales: We offer offer secure Apartments / Flats close to Laguna, Cherngtalay, Surin beach & Bangtao beach, and all within a 5 minute walk to many shops, banks / ATM, pharmacies, mini-markets, restaurants and cafés. Room amenities will include: Mini kitchen (With microwave, sink, large fridge, hob etc), shower / toilet room and living space. Some units have Wifi, flat screen TV and balcony. Complex facilities include: Parking, reception, lift, CCTV security and swimming pool. Some Condominiums also have a gym also

These Apartments / Flats are all sold between 1.8 million THB (Av: £40,300 – €47,000 – $51,400) and 3.5 million THB (Av: £78,400 – €91,000 – $99,900) for a two bedroom unit, and all are a great secure investment for anyone who wishes to rent out or retire and live in the Bangtao, Surin or Cherngtalay area on the North West coast of Phuket island. Also, all visa, banking and lawyer consultation and advise is provided once you are here to make your purchase, offering piece of mind and as safe as possible. Find more information about any Bangtao or Cherngtalay area properties for sale.

Phuket Recording Studio

Pipe dream at the moment but we are also looking into building our very own Phuket recording studio on-site so songwriters and artists from around the world can visit Phuket and chillout while they record their own songs either using their own band, or for solo songwriters to use our very own local in-house session musicians.

History of Bangtao Beach

The Bangtao Beach bar & café (or Bang Thao – Bang Tao) is right on 6 kilometres of sandy beaches, which is one of Phuket’s longest beaches. The Bangtao area was once used for tin mining, but has since been developed into a luxury resort area (Laguna) to the north of Bangtao, and quieter in the southern end of the beach.Bang Tao beach is backed by a forest of pine-like Casuarina trees, not coconut palms, and most of the hotels are almost invisible among the trees. There are no high-rise buildings, and the beach looks quite natural considering the number of hotels here. There is no road running the full length of this beach, but there is a small village to the back of the Southern area with shops, restaurants, ATMs and various services.Like all West coast beaches on Phuket, Bang Tao has fine sand and clear, warm water. The beach has a more slope than most, bringing deeper water in close. Excellent for swimming and relaxing around the bar due to we are located right on the sand, and only footprints away from the ocean.

La QingTing Partners

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We would like to promote our friends Beach Side Bistro and Restaurant on Kamala beach. Here you will find a little page advertising the Beach Side Bistro, Kamala

If you are wondering about the name ‘La QingTing’, which is on our logo, it’s derived from a play on words for ‘The Dragon Fly‘. In French (La = The) and in Chinese (QingTing (蜻蜓) = Dragon Fly).

Enjoy Bangtao & Phuket!Follow the Bangtao Beach Bar & Cafe

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