The Bangtao Beach Bar And Cafe Menu

The Bangtao beach bar and café menu offers the best restaurant quality food and beverages: From chilled beers, wine and cocktails to our bars pub food and snacks.

Restaurant Meals and food

Our Bangtao Restaurants food menu includes a small selection of Thai and Asian Curries and noodle meals from around Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and India, a selection of BBQ / Grilled meats and seafood, such as locally caught fresh snapper and lobster, regular pub snacks, and we also cater for vegetarian and vegan foods to suit all tastes, requirements, and palates!


Most of Phuket’s Restaurants and cafes offer the same selections of beverages such as: chilled beers, local spirits and wines but at the Bangtao Beach Bar we also offer a selection of great tasting local and International brewed coffee, loose tea (Not tea bags), cocktails and soft drinks.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on our healthy fresh juices and smoothies made from ‘Water Kefir’. A health pro-biotic immunity boost to keep all colds, flu, headaches and even viruses at bay. Another top choice is our vegan (milk) shakes, but made with hemp or almond seeds (not milk) and Water Kefir. A healthy immune system equals a heathy life!

If you are soaking up the sun or beer then our food and drinks menu will keep you happy throughout the day and night.

Safety note: Please also remember that hydration is key. Some people do not realise it but when drinking a lot of alcohol in very hot weather all the water content of the alcohol is sweated out, leaving just the alcohol inside your body. This in-turn will double the effects of the alcohol, and also lead to many cases of dehydration, sun stoke, and in some cases VERY stupid behaviour, which I have unfortunately found out many times (Oops). If you intend drinking large amounts of alcohol then take a break and drink juices or water in-between, and keep hydrated at all times. Stay safe!