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The wine and winery market around Bangtao, Laguna and Cherngtalay on Phuket, and in all regions of Thailand, have been experiencing significant growth in wine in recent years, mostly driven by changing consumer preferences, the growing middle class, and the growing tourism market wishing the experience Thai grown products, which includes locally grown wines, coffee and tea.

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Phuket and Thailand’s tropical climate has posed challenges in the past for wineries to produce wine, as grapes require a cooler climate to grow.

However, there has been a small but growing trend of local wine production in Thailand, with vineyards located in cooler regions where local Thailand winemakers are experimenting with different grape varieties and techniques to produce unique and high-quality wines that cater to the tourism and local market.

At the Bangtao Beach Bar & Café in Phuket we only offer guests a selection of these local wines which are only grown and produced by farmers and wineries based in Thailand.

Trends in the Phuket & Thailand wine & drinks market

Phuket and Thailand has traditionally been a beer-drinking country, with spirits and cocktails also being popular choices. However, there has been a shift in consumer preferences towards wine, particularly among the younger generation and urban dwellers. Wine is increasingly seen as a sophisticated and fashionable beverage, associated with social status and luxury.

One of the key trends in the Thai wine market is the increasing demand for imported wines, especially from traditional wine-producing countries such as France, Italy, and Spain. Thai consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about wine and are seeking out high-quality and authentic products. This trend is also reflected in the growing number of wine bars, restaurants, and specialty stores that offer a wide selection of wines from around the world. Another trend in the market is the rise of online wine sales. E-commerce platforms have also made it easier for consumers to access a wide range of wines and compare prices. This has led to increased competition among wine retailers and distributors, as well as more affordable prices for consumers. Online platforms also provide educational resources and reviews, helping consumers make informed choices about their wine purchases.

Thailand’s economic growth and rising disposable incomes have contributed to the growth of the wine market. As the middle class expands, more consumers have the financial means to afford higher-priced products such as wine.

Additionally, the growth of the tourism industry in Thailand has also played a role in driving the demand for wine, as tourists from wine-consuming countries seek out familiar beverages during their visits. In conclusion, the Wine market in Thailand is experiencing growth due to changing consumer preferences, the increasing demand for imported wines, the rise of online wine sales, local wine production, and underlying macroeconomic factors such as economic growth and the growth of the tourism industry.

History of Thailand Wine

The Thai wine industry began development in the late twentieth century. As a tropical country, Thailand lies well outside the latitudes traditionally regarded as suitable for cultivating grapes for winemaking, though the development of adaptive viticulture techniques have allowed for some success, and Thai wines have become recognized among a growing range of new-latitude wines.

Grapes were used solely for fruit until well into the twentieth century, when a wine industry started to develop in Thailand. The majority comes from two regions: Hua Hin on the northwest gulf of Thailand coast and the Khao Yai area in the foothills of the national park of the same name.

The grapes are forced by pruning into bearing two crops a year; the fine wines are those that ripen during the (relatively) dry season, while a vin de table is made from the wet season crop. Other vinifera grapes such as Chenin blanc and Shiraz are becoming popular.

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