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Our Phuket teahouse is located at the Bangtao Beach Bar & Café, which is located inbetween Cherngtalay, Surin and Laguna beach on Phuket. We offer a selection of great tastingTeahouse tea and iced tea at the Bangtao Beach Bar & Café Phuket and sustainably grown local Thai brewed loose tea (Not tea bags) which has been hand picked in the North of Thailand, and used to make our hot tea and iced tea’s. Our iced teas is also made not with water but with our very own hand-made Phuket Water Kefir, and will offer a daily healthy probiotic immune system boost.

Our Phuket tea uses deforestation friendly concept to halt biodiversity and ecosystems loss, and is also hand picked by local small hold farmers in the North of Thailand.

Phuket Black Tea

Our Phuket teahouse tea is full-bodied 100% black tea, which is whole-leaf and fully oxidized. It produces the strongest tea made to drink black with mint or with milk, and carries a fabulous tobacco tone. We also use this tea for our healthy Water Kefir iced teas.

Thailand & Phuket Reforestation

The history of deforestation in northern Thailand is not necessarily connected to tea. Many mountains, hills and areas were removed of their green forests before tea was an option, when opium was the main product growing here and other monocrops such as corn, rubber and pineapple needed area to grow and create an income for the farmers. We do not simply see the Forest Friendly concept as a way to protect already existing forests but also as a way to put forest back.

We encourage tea farmers to initiate reforestation efforts. We can negotiate and provide a monetary incentive for tea producers to start investing in reforestation operations, and so far we have put back two thousand trees of 50 different species in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

So even if the forest is not there yet in some of our tea sights, it will be in 50 years when the work we’re putting in now will start to show. Through our sustainable business model we have a way of creating a better world for future generations of tea lovers and tea farmers.

For Phuket island, from 2002 to 2022, Phuket lost 387 ha of humid primary forest, making up 5.1% of its total tree cover loss in the same time period. The total area of humid primary forest in Phuket decreased by 4.6% in this time period.

Saying this, there are a few good willed locals and expats trying to set up eco friendly and reforestation projects, but unfortunately there are also bigger companies just using it as a marketing ploy to make them look good in their naïve customers eyes, and basically have no teeth to make any sort of impact.

You can read more by going to our Eco Friendly Phuket page.

Thailand Sustainable Tea Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations issued 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve sustainable development for all.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15: “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss”.

Our mission with our partners and La QingTing Phuket is to protect the forests and biodiversity of Northern Thailand by giving tea farmers and forests value through the selling of our tea. We can do this because we use the native tea plant species that has been growing naturally in Northern Thailand for thousands of years. By growing tea together with its natural habitat, we can preserve the biodiversity and help reduce the effects of the global carbon footprint.

The massive global market allows us to use this natural tea plant as a tool for generating income to turn the farmers and their communities into protectors of the forest. We make it our responsibility to sell only Forest Friendly grown tea, and provide all farmers with sustainable income and our end-consumers with a sustainable product.

By our customers buying and drinking our tea at the ‘Bangtao Beach Bar & Café’ it is now contributing to over 12 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and helping the reforestation of Northern Thailand.

Alternatively, try one of our healthy Phuket coffee shop ice coffees or teahouse tea made with our very own Phuket Water Kefir and local Thai brewed coffee or loose tea (Not tea bags) that have both been hand picked in the North of Thailand.

If you are living or just visiting Phuket, Thailand then make a trip to La QingTing ( Bangtao Beach Bar & Café ) for your Immunity morning boosting Phuket smoothie smoothie, a locally grown tea or coffee (Hot or Iced), a noodle or curry meal, or just to sit, chillout and have a chilled beer or one of our Phuket wines.

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