Water Kefir Phuket

Water Kefir on Phuket, Thailand
If you haven’t tried Water Kefir on Phuket, Thailand you’re in for a immune system health boost to your daily Phuket routine at La QingTing, Bangtao.

About Our Phuket Water Kefir

Also known as tobaccos, Japanese water crystals, and many other world names, Water Kefir is a probiotic liquid linked to various health benefits, including Water Kefir & Hemp Seed shake on Phuket, Thailand

improved immunity and may reduce acne outbreaks, and manage dry skin, eczema and skin aging.

Once fermented, Water kefir is loaded with probiotics, valuable enzymes, beneficial acids, magnesium, folate, vitamin k, electrolytes, B-vitamins (including B-12) and many minerals.

Water Kefir is also dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and offers more than 15 strains of probiotics, and billions of active good bacteria and yeast.

Fermenting Process

Through our lacto-fermentation the Water Kefir micro-organisms consume the Organic cane sugar and minerals during fermentation. During this process the probiotic concentration (LAB, Amino acid and yeast probiotics) of the Water Kefir increases and the sucrose decreases as the sugar and minerals is consumed by the Water Kefir grains to produce mainly simpler sugars, beneficial bacteria, yeasts, lactic acid bacteria (LAB), acetic acid bacteria (AAB), Amino acids, carbon dioxide, along with enzymes, and also B and K vitamins.

Our Bangtao Beach Bar & Café Water Kefir

Our homemade, handcrafted Water Kefir will help you to balance and cultivate your body, it contains a wide variety of good bacteria and beneficial yeasts as well as many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, it will help your body to detoxify naturally, while increasing your energy and sense of well-being!

Try one of our healthy vegan water kefir juices, or our “Kefir Smoothie” made with Water Kefir, Hemp seeds, Coconut cream, turmeric, vanilla and fresh fruit of your choosing… Vegan, immunity boosting and really refreshing…

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of drinking Water Kefir…

Water Kefir Potential Health Benefits

  1. Supports the Gut Microbiota.
  2. Boosts immune system.
  3. Potent probiotics with approx.15 strains.
  4. Strong Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Infection.
  5. Kefir enhances the immune system and suppresses viral infection such as colds and flu.
  6. Optimises digestion and utilisation of nutrients from food consumed.
  7. Alkalises and detoxifies the body.
  8. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.
  9. 80-90% of the sugar is consumed by the grains during the fermentation process.
  10. Sugars are converted into carbon dioxide (carbonation), acids, good bacteria, and good yeasts.
  11. Treatment of digestive and skin disorders (Acne, IBS, Crohn’s, Leaky Gut, Indigestion, Bloating).
  12. Some medical studies mention that due to the probiotic content Water Kefir could also help decrease and suppress the growth of certain types of cancer.

If you are living or just visiting Phuket, Thailand then make a trip to La QingTing ( Bangtao Beach Bar & Café ) for your Immunity morning boost…

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